Suitable where one learner is having difficulty progressing through the phases of PECS within a school or nursery setting. Those working with the learner need to have previously sat the PECS L1 workshop or taken part in a PECS Start-Up. Observation of staff implementing PECS with the learner will take place and recommendations for further progress will be made. The consultant will discuss and demonstrate the next phase(s) of PECS. Additionally, the Nine Critical Communication Skills will be assessed and discussed. Activities are tailored to the learner’s particular needs but could include instruction, videos, role-playing and question and answer. A detailed report will follow within two weeks with recommendations for the next steps in the learner’s PECS training. One 30 minute online check-in session will take place within the next 6 weeks.

  • onsite visit of 3 hours
  • fine tuning of the current phase of PECS
  • demonstrations and chances to practice the next phases of PECS
  • error correction strategies
  • move learners on through the PECS protocol
  • assessment of which critical communication skills are key for the learner
  • implementation of critical communication skills
  • Help, Wait and Break cards included
  • one 30 minute online follow-up session


(plus VAT and consultant’s travel/accommodation expenses)