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PECS® Support

This service provides PECS support for schools based on your classroom and team’s specific needs. The lead teacher in a class must have previously attended the PECS Level 1 workshop to book this service, as there is no training element. We can observe up to four classrooms in one day. A written report with advice and next steps follows within two weeks.

This onsite visit includes:

  • recap of workshop information
  • 1:1 discussion
  • general Q&A
  • specific advice
  • 1:1 work with learners
  • demonstrations

In-School PECS Support Pricing

1 Day


1-day onsite visit from a Pyramid Consultant with follow up report

2 Days


2-days onsite visit from a Pyramid Consultant with follow up report, can be spread over 2 visits

3 Days


3-days onsite visit from a Pyramid Consultant with follow up report, can be spread over 3 visits

Thank you on behalf of everyone at St Ann’s for all the help, advice and useful tips you gave on your recent visit.

There has been a real buzz around the school to really get spontaneous communication happening, one learner made well over 100 requests today, with at least 30-40 being spontaneous!

- Carol Botterill, Teacher & Certified PECS Implementer, St Ann’s School

Additional PECS Support

In-school PECS Start-up™

The PECS Start-Up is appropriate where there is only one PECS user within a class, such as in a mainstream school or nursery. No previous training or experience with PECS is required. The day begins with a brief overview of the PECS protocol, including information about how to establish effective communicative environments. A reinforcer assessment will be conducted, as the first lesson will be to teach the learner to request a preferred/reinforcing item. Phase I will be taught with lots of opportunity to practice, followed by Phase II and so on. Additional phases will be implemented as appropriate. The Nine Critical Communication Skills will also be assessed. Detailed recommendations will be discussed with all team members prior to the end of the day. A comprehensive report will be delivered within two weeks. Two 30 minute online check-in sessions will take place within the next six weeks.

  • onsite visit of six hours
  • suitable for one learner and their team
  • intensive 1:1 hands on training and demonstration
  • help one learner quickly through the initial PECS phases
  • PECS Training Manual and PECS Start-Up handout included
  • PECS Communication Book (standard size), PECS 151 and PICS for PECS download included
  • Visual Reinforcement kit included
  • follow up report
  • two 30 minute online follow-up sessions


(plus VAT and consultant’s travel/accommodation expenses)

In-school PECS Check-up™

Suitable where one learner is having difficulty progressing through the phases of PECS within a school or nursery setting. Those working with the learner need to have previously attended the PECS L1 workshop or taken part in a PECS Start-Up. Observation of staff implementing PECS with the learner will take place and recommendations for further progress will be made. The consultant will discuss and demonstrate the next phase(s) of PECS. Additionally, the Nine Critical Communication Skills will be assessed and discussed. Activities are tailored to the learner’s particular needs but could include instruction, videos, role-playing and question and answer. A detailed report will follow within two weeks with recommendations for the next steps in the learner’s PECS training. One 30 minute online check-in session will take place within the next six weeks.​

  • onsite visit of three hours
  • fine tuning of the current phase of PECS
  • demonstrations and chances to practice the next phases of PECS
  • review error correction strategies
  • help learners advance to the next PECS phase
  • assessment of which critical communication skills are key for the learner
  • implementation of critical communication skills
  • Help, Wait and Break cards included
  • follow up report
  • one 30 minute online follow-up session


(plus VAT and consultant’s travel/accommodation expenses)

Online PECS Support

This service is suitable for anyone who has previously attended the PECS Level 1 workshop. A great follow up to the L1 workshop, it will help with any issues you have encountered when implementing the protocol. This can be booked as a one time service or as on going support.

  • recap of workshop information
  • 1:1 discussion
  • general Q&A
  • demonstrations
  • prior video submission & advice about specific learners


1 hour


2 hours


3 hours

(plus VAT)

Online PECS Check-in

This service is suitable for anyone who has previously attended the PECS Level 1 workshop. Perfect follow up to either onsite or online PECS Support. A check-in for further questions, advice and help.

  • recap of workshop information
  • general Q&A
  • demonstrations
  • suitable for 1:1 or groups of staff who can attend the whole session or just drop in


1 hour


2 hours


3 hours

(plus VAT)

Behaviour Support

One of the biggest challenges we face when working with learners with special educational needs is not understanding the reason for certain behaviours. Our first instinct often is to ask, “How do I get this to stop?”  This question may lead to implementing short term fixes rather than developing long term solutions. This service compliments our Challenging Behaviours: Prevent, Reduce & Replace workshop however, attendance at this workshop is not a pre-requisite.

  • onsite visit of s hours
  • guidance on teaching your learner crucial skills needed to replace unwanted behaviours
  • learn about systematic reinforcement, functional activities and communication skills to help decrease targeted behaviours
  • guidance on collecting and using data
  • identify ways to prevent contextually inappropriate behaviours in the first place and to react systematically to reduce them when they occur
  • learn how to collect & use data
  • maximum of four learners seen per visit
  • written report with advice and next steps


(plus VAT and consultant’s travel/accommodation expenses)

Functional Skills Support

Most professionals agree that the long term goals of education for their students include being employable and living as independently as possible. Life skills are all necessary for increased independence as well as overall improved quality of life. Students with developmental delays take longer to learn skills, so where do we want to spend valuable time? Those of us in charge of providing instruction need to be vigilant about choosing and systematically addressing the most important lessons.

  • onsite visit of six hours
  • focused support in-class to help you specifically improve this vital area of instruction
  • help you to identify missing skills
  • support you in designing activities to teach functional skills
  • identify ways to increase your learners’ independence
  • maximum of 4 learners seen per full day visit
  • written report with advice and next steps


(plus VAT and consultant’s travel/accommodation expenses)

Pyramid Certification Programme

Improve teaching organisation and effectiveness while developing learners’ communication and independence skills.

Pyramid Certification combines high-quality training and on-site guidance, spread across an entire year, to support teams to build effective learning environments using the Pyramid Approach to Education®.

When our consultant works with your team, they will use a clear framework to guide and track their progress in order that they develop key skills to meet the needs of each learner. Functional communication, independence and social skills are promoted as each of the nine elements of the Pyramid are implemented. Once all components of the Pyramid have been demonstrated certification will be awarded. Ongoing guidance can be provided beyond this time to maintain staff skill and certification.

Training for the team includes: PECS Level 1, Pyramid Approach to Education: Functional ABA and Teaching Critical Communication Skills.

This programme will give your team:

  • Access to the Experts (including Bondy & Frost PECS co-founders)
  • Improved Learner Performance
  • Increased Staff Satisfaction
  • Educational Accountability
  • Sustainable Results

When we began our Pyramid journey 5 years ago, I don’t think we realised the impact that the process would have on our school…

Communication and behaviour have shown the greatest impact. Pyramid has ensured that learners have been as independent as possible and prepared for the future. Pyramid staff have always worked with Greenfield staff and learners to achieve the best outcomes and supported with excellent professionalism and knowledge.
- Rachel Faulkner, Deputy Head, Greenfield Special School

To book any of these services, please contact Louise Hotchkiss lhotchkiss@pecs.com or call +44 (0)1273 609555


+44 (0)1273 609555